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Guys iPartyinVegas VIP Entry Pass: May 14th -17th – 3 Night Club & 2 Day Clubs


All Weekend Events for only $49 includes FREE entry for 4 guests (guys or girls):
Thursday May 14 | Tao Night Club with DJ Five
Friday May 15 | Marquee Night Club with Porter Robinson
Saturday May 16 | Afternoon Pool Party at Tao Beach with Eric Delux
Saturday May 16 | Chateau Night Club with KnowleDJ
Sunday May 17 | Afternoon Pool Party at Marquee Dayclub with Ashley Wallbridge & KnowleDJ

Your $49 weekend pass includes FREE entry to all events with check in times for the pool 11am -1pm

What is May Long Weekend?  It’s a Canadian Holiday that we celebrate in Vegas at the hottest Pools and Nightclubs every year!  Everyone is welcome to join as we party with our favorite Canadian DJ and Owner of iPartyinVegas, KnowleDJ!

Where Are The Parties At?  Thursday, May 14th we will be at Tao Nightclub with DJ Five to kick off the weekend!  Join us Friday, May 15th at our favorite mega club, Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmo ,with headliner Porter Robinson! Saturday the party starts early with a pool party at Tao Beach and continues into the wee hours of the night with our evening party at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens with superstar DJ KnowleDJ.  Ready for more fun???  Sunday, May 17th we close our our Canadian Vegas Invasion weekend at Marquee Dayclub with KnowleDJ!

Ready to Party?  Just purchase your Canadian Invasion weekend pass below and you will get a confirmation email with directions for entry!  For each pass you purchase you can invite 3 guests so for just $49 you plus 3 friends are free ($147 value) for all events – 3 nightclub and 2 pool parties!

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Canadian Vegas Invasion


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