Guestlist Access Rules & Regulations for OTL Members

Please Read and Understand the Guestlist Access Rules & Regulations

1)  There is NO HOST that walks your group in with guest list access.  Your group leader’s name is at the door and you just give that for entry.

2)  Guests receive free or reduced cover.

3)  On average the wait in the Guestlist line is 15-45 minutes so make sure you plan ahead so you arrive on time for the Guestlist check in.

4)  Your group must have 1:1 ratio or have primarily females to be eligible.  Parties with primarily gentlemen don’t qualify for the Guestlist Access, however all guy and mixed groups can book a VIP table/bottle reservation.


GENTLEMEN: Nice jeans without holes and rips or dress pants/slacks, dress shoes and collared shirts are required; suit jackets and ties are optional. Guys you are going to want to be dressed your best for the ladies!

LADIES: Cocktail dresses, dress pants/slacks, skirts, heels are recommended. A cute shirt with jeans and wedges is appropriate. We recommend avoiding flats and never wear flip flops in the club ladies!

Avoid: sandals for guys, tennis shoes, flip-flops, work boots, shorts, sweat/tracksuits, beach attire, t-shirts, or sport hats. The dress code standards vary at every venue, and the ultimate call is at the discretion of the door staff. We hold no responsibility for guests being turned away due to dress attire. In Vegas it is always best to dress to impress!

At the Pools and Dayclubs all guest MUST WEAR SWIM ATTIRE

6)  You must have valid picture I.D, even if you clearly look over 21.  Valid ID’s include Military ID, State ID, Driver’s License and Passports.  Venues will not accept expired I.D.’s, Mexican Consulate Cards and some foreign countries drivers license.   If you are from another country, we strongly recommend bringing your passport.  NO FAKE ID’s!

7)  Guests who have drank too much, have incorrect ID, disrespect door staff, or show up late will not be allowed access and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

8)  Exclusions apply to holidays, special events weekends, celebrity hosted events and high volume convention weekends.

RVT Terms of Service

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