Surrender Nightclub VIP Table Service from Royal Vegas Tour
Surrender Nightclub VIP Table Service from Royal Vegas Toursurrender_main_dancefloor-Vegas-VIPSurrender-Nightclub-Vegas-Nightlife-VIP

Surrender Nightclub Free LADIES Guest List Access Request

Maximize your party time with VIP Guest List Access

 * Skip the long lines with expedited entry
 * Free or reduced cover
 * Subject to availability

Submit a list request below


Surrender Nightclub Guestlist is for groups who are All Girls.  Mixed and All guy groups can book a VIP table reservation HERE!

Guestlist Access: when your name is on the door list at the venue with the number of guests in your party.  If you have 7 guests in the party then the reservation would be YOUR NAME+6.  With guest list access there is NO Host that walks your party in so this is a do-it-yourself service.

Girls get free or reduced entry to Surrender Nightclub at the Wynn, IF your group arrives ON TIME!  Usually the wait in the Guest List line is 15-45 minutes so ensure you plan in advance so you arrive between 10pm – 11pm.  Your party must have all girls to qualify.  Parties with gentlemen do not qualify for the Free Guestlist Access, but mixed/guy groups can book a VIP bottle/table reservation.









Helpful TIP for the quickest line wait:
* Get there Early! Best time is 10:30-11:00PM
* Have your proof of identification in hand
* BE Courteous and Patient
* Never Never Never touch the velvet rope
* Make sure your group doesn’t appear drunk BEFORE you converse to the door staff

* All requests are subject to availability
* Must be 21+ with applicable ID
* Dress code is strictly enforced
* Check-in times and places are subject to changes without notice
* Guests who are drunk, have incorrect ID, lack of respect for security staff, or show up late will not be allowed access
* Management reserves the right to refuse service to your group at any time
* Be advised that all holiday, celebrity hosted celebrations, high volume conferences, and special event have restrictions
* Royal Vegas Tours is not responsible for denied admission


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