New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas – Things you NEED to know


imageedit_14_549684231710…9…8.whoaaaa, slow down there Captain Overachiever; New Year’s Eve is still a month away (depending on when you read this) and that’s just enough time to make sure you have your plans nailed down and your party schedule all laid out.  If you’ve partied in Vegas before, you know its an experience unlike any other.  As you can imagine, NYE in Vegas is its own complete beast…and yes beast is the right word.  The parties are bigger, the fireworks boom louder and I swear the girls are hotter (or I just have a few extra drinks in my system, I can’t remember) but either way everything is bigger, blaring and we’ll say bustier for now 🙂

With all of this increased party atmosphere comes a lot of different things you should be prepared for to make the most of your night and to ring in the new year the way you’d like to.  This is probably a good read for seasoned veterans and Vegas virgins alike.


Probably the most important piece of information and surprisingly the biggest shocker on NYE are the road closures. The strip gets shut down as well as a lot of the surrounding roads so its important to get where you need to go in time and then stay there or have some sort of plan if you need to get somewhere.  Remember too, the traffic prior to the closures is not going to be a cakewalk.  Take all the cars you’ve ever seen anywhere in your life and imagine them trying to occupy the same few square miles at the same time. Fun.

  • 5:00pm The closure of the freeway off ramps around the strip
  • 5:45pm Inbound traffic roads to Las Vegas Boulevard (LVB) have soft closures in place
  • 6:15pm The writer of this article will probably be intoxicated. This will not affect traffic patterns.  They will also be removing vehicles still parked on LVB
  • 6:30pm Inbound roads to LVB closed
  • 8:00pm-12:00pm Strip closed to vehicle traffic
  • 2:00am Begin the moving street sweepers
  • 3:00am Soft and hard closures removed
  • Private drives can be opened after sweepers have passed


Take all the normal Vegas prices and difficulties getting in places and inject them with growth hormones…you’re getting closer to understanding the clubs on NYE. Its not that bad but you can expect a few things to be different.

  • You will not get in free anywhere no matter how hot you are.  Keep this in mind please when contacting your friends that live and work in Vegas because most likely there isn’t much they can do to help you out.
  • You are going to need to purchase tickets to get into clubs.  The good part of this is a lot of places have some great open bar and food deals.  Surprise, surprise, Royal Vegas Tours offers the ones we think are the best value on our site.

  • Table prices will be a lot higher everywhere.  Its just the nature of the beast. Waaaaaahhhh! I know, it sucks but it is what it is. Again of course, if you contact us we’ll do the best we can to get you prime location at the best price.


The following locations will be doing midnight firework displays. The best place to see these shows are anywhere you can see the sky. This would be an awful article if that were the type of advice I gave.  Parking garages are great or anywhere outside is fairly good.  Also Mix Lounge’s unrivaled view and Ghostbar and Moon on top of the Palms are spectacular spots. Shameless plug, Royal Vegas Tours offers VIP table packages for there as well 🙂

I would also recommend finding your fireworks spot BEFORE 2 minutes till midnight.  If you though traffic was bad…wait till you read some of the tips below about people volume.

Safety and Random Tips

  • Can’t be said enough, please don’t drink and drive.  Get a DD, party where you plan to sleep or take a taxi (keeping in mind that taxi lines and wait times are absurd).  No jokes in this section, please plan ahead and be safe.  Don’t expect to get ready to leave and be able to call or hop in a taxi in 5 minutes at 12:15.
  • Paaaaaaace yourself.  Remember the partying in Vegas doesn’t stop at the ringing in of the new year or at 2 am.  It also doesn’t stop if you’re passed out at 9 o clock to wait for you.  It might pause for a moment to laugh at you but then will leave you in the dust.  Take your time with the adult beverages, plenty of time.
  • Remember the exercise with the cars earlier? Do the same with people but multiply it by 37.  That’s roughly about half the amount of people that will be on the left side of the strip.  Extrapolate and you get the idea, the strip turns into a zoo.  If you’re claustrophobic get where you want to go early and stay put or stay home and watch the ball drop on TV.  If you’re planning on meeting people for the countdown, you shouldn’t plan on leaving the casino or club you’re at 15 minutes before the drop.  It will take you hours to traverse the strip so I recommend either leaving way early or more logically, just pick a group you want to be with the whole night and don’t try and stress yourself out.

All in all, NYE on the strip in Vegas is a blast.  Just be safe, follow some of these guidelines and of course if you need anything, we’re here to help.  Also, this blog is brand new and if you enjoy the content so far (all of the rest will be the same style and type of information), just put your email address below and we’ll send you an update whenever we have a new post (couple times a month max).  And of course its free, and you can get off the list at anytime by emailing us an angry email or throwing a brick through our company window…seriously, don’t do that please 🙂

If you need anything, let us know.  We’re here all year round and we do a lot more than nightclubs…restaurant deals, bachelor bachelorette parties, pools, romantic adventures and more.

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