New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas – Things you NEED to know


imageedit_14_549684231710…9…8.whoaaaa, slow down there Captain Overachiever; New Year’s Eve is still a month away (depending on when you read this) and that’s just enough time to make sure you have your plans nailed down and your party schedule all laid out.  If you’ve partied in Vegas before, you know its an experience unlike any other.  As you can imagine, NYE in Vegas is its own complete beast…and yes beast is the right word.  The parties are bigger, the fireworks boom louder and I swear the girls are hotter (or I just have a few extra drinks in my system, I can’t remember) but either way everything is bigger, blaring and we’ll say bustier for now 🙂

With all of this increased party atmosphere comes a lot of different things you should be prepared for to make the most of your night and to ring in the new year the way you’d like to.  This is probably a good read for seasoned veterans and Vegas virgins alike.


Probably the most important piece of information and surprisingly the biggest shocker on NYE are the road closures. The strip gets shut down as well as a lot of the surrounding roads so its important to get where you need to go in time and then stay there or have some sort of plan if you need to get somewhere.  Remember too, the traffic prior to the closures is not going to be a cakewalk.  Take all the cars you’ve ever seen anywhere in your life and imagine them trying to occupy the same few square miles at the same time. Fun.

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