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The Boro Inn Food Menu for A2B Transit Limo Affiliates



If you are someone who lives in Blue Ridge, then you will have probably heard the name of The Boro Inn Irish Pub. It is a warm place that serves its customers from morning till the night. You can find them at 150 West Main Street, in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  They pride themselves in being the pub/bar with the largest selection of beer in Blue Ridge. It was basically an inn at the very beginning when it was established way back in 1877.

What’s great about this pub is the fact that it supports the area’s craftsmen!  Customers enjoy the best flavors from local favorites like, the ‘Fanin Brewing‘, the age old ‘Grumpy Old Men Brewery‘ and the well-known ‘Mercier Orchards‘.

As far as the history of this place is concerned, it is a family pub that has been passed down over 5 generations. The name of this pub is taken from a river that flows through the ‘Black Stair’ mountains, the name being the Boro River. As you can guess, this place has tons of history and rich culture which is also why a lot of people like going there. It is by far the Best Blue Ridge Pub.

One of our favorite features about The Boro Inn is the fact that they have live entertainment and you really never know what you will be pleasantly delighted with here!  Some shows are planned and posted on their website, but the best performances just happen when a talented community member or two shows up to share some heart and soul music with The Boro Inn’s patrons.

As far as the menu is concerned, here is a small glimpse of some of the things you will find:

The Boro Inn Food Menu for A2B Transit Limo Affiliates

We love The Boro Inn Irish Pub and know you will too.  Stop in and sample “The Largest Beer Selection in Blue Ridge” and stay for the live entertainment!  Make sure and acquire a happy and full belly with your stay at The Inn and, most importantly, be sure to call A2B Transit for a ride home if you have a few too many delicious local wines or brews!


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